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About The Project
About YourFortWorth.org

YourFortWorth.org provides residents and city staff an opportunity to share and refine their ideas for the community. Anyone can sign up and submit or comment on ideas. 

There is, however, one catch: You must be constructive. There is not an option to vote down or "dislike" an idea; if you don't like an idea, you can comment on ways the person who submitted the idea can refine their suggestion to get wider community support. Once an idea is refined and you want to support it, use the "Neutral," "It's OK," "I Like It" and "I Love It" buttons. Those buttons will give up to three stars per supporter to an idea, which helps the city determine what ideas are popular. 

Any idea posted on the site has the potential to be considered as a future project, but city leaders have committed to respond to any idea that achieves 100 stars.

Site users also receive points for participating on the site, and the city will post rewards that can be purchased with those points from time to time. 

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